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Jennifer George is a clothing designer, author, and Rube Goldberg’s granddaughter (yes, that Rube Goldberg). She is also the legacy director of Rube Goldberg Inc, an organization dedicated to helping extend the legacy of Rube’s work. Each year they sponsor a Rube Goldberg Machine Contest, an event where students of all ages
compete with machines that they have imagined, designed and created in a fun and competitive forum. The competitions encourage teamwork and out-of-the-box problem solving, in a fresh learning environment and level playing field. All you need is a good Imagination and a pile of junk!

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Alan Small grew up in Fort Worth Texas, and started taking Science Classes at the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History when he was three years old.  He took classes there until the age of fourteen, then the museum hired him to work as an assistant teacher! Alan worked there for 15 years learning how to hunt bugs, catch lizards, feed snakes, make liquid nitrogen ice cream, lick dinosaur bones, and dissect dead cars.

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The International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) is a nonprofit organization that serves educators interested in the use of technology in education. On this episode of the STEM Everyday podcast Chris chats with ISTE Connect Network Leaders Julianne Ross-Kleinmann, Jessica Shupic, and Charles Randolph.

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Imagine a dynamic construction set that lets you build mazes, games, race tracks, with ramps, gates, hoops and more for your classroom robots!
Kinazium is hands on fun for building environments letting you gamify your robots and rolling toys! Programable sensors are included for timing, points, and more.  Kinazium unleashes the potential of robots by giving kids the tools to design mazes, games and more for playing, racing and competing. At home or in school, Kinazium engages kids for hours. 
Susan Crouse is the Founder & CEO of Traxart Toys, and committed to helping kids "play and engage with robots in the classroom and at home."  
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Host Chris Woods continuous his chat with Bill Van Loo, Technology & Engineering Teacher at A2 STEAM in Ann Arbor Michigan. 

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As a technology, engineering and design educator who is passionate about empowering kids, Bill is currently employed as the Technology & Engineering Teacher at A2 STEAM at Northside, a brand-new K-8 program that is part of Ann Arbor Public Schools. Bill runs the STEAM Lab, the school’s space for hands-on learning through the STEAM subject areas (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Math). As a teacher, he values hands-on projects, cross-curricular learning experiences, and use of the design process to show students how to solve problems.

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After several years of focusing on teaching math and science as a classroom teacher, Tori transitioned into the role as specialist teacher for a new STEAM lab.

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Laurie has been working in technology and education for almost 30 years. She holds a Masters Degree from Cleveland State University in Curriculum and Foundations with a focus on Technology Education, and a Bachelors in Business from The Ohio State University. Currently, Laurie is a student in the Penn Graduate School of Education, Applied Computational Thinking Program. 


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Andrew is a lifelong learner who enjoys thinking about creating a culture of thinking and creation in all whom he works with. How do we approach any level of learner and help them to develop a passion for curiosity? He teaches in an elementary school working on building curiosity and creativity. Currently he is a Project Lead the Way teacher/coach to help others see how STEAM can be incorporated into a student’s day.

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Alice Aspinall is a passionate high school mathematics teacher in Windsor, Ontario. She loves spending time with her husband and two children reading books, playing math games, and exploring the outdoors. Alice is a strong advocate of the growth mindset. She is continually looking for ways to build young people’s confidence in math and to make math fun, challenging, and satisfying. Her innovative lessons and her dedication in the classroom have made a positive impact on her students’ attitudes toward math. Her YouTube channel, “MrsALovesMath,” exemplifies her commitment to her students’ learning. 

Alice believes everyone can learn math and she is on a mission to prove it.

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STEM and Gifted Education going great together.

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Mandi Figlioli is an Instructional Designer, K-12 Administrator, MakerED Advocate, and Author of Miss Makey and the Magic Bin.  In 2014, She was introduced to the maker movement by the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh.  Making revived her childhood imagination and sparked a desire to create.  Miss Makey and the Magic Bin evolved out of sharing my passion with others, hoping to inspire them to embrace their inner maker.  

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Jorge Valenzuela has served as an educator for the past 15 years and holds both computer science and administrative credentials. He coaches hundreds of educators- both face to face and virtually in Computer Science, Backwards Design Planning, Project-Based Learning (PBL) and the internationally acclaimed Engineering by Design curriculum.

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Ben Kidd- Co-founder & Creative Director

Company launched in January 2016

Makers of Great White Shark 360, Virtuali-Tee & Operation Apex

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She's a physicist and geophysicist specializing in disasters -- tsunami, earthquakes, asteroid impacts -- pretty much all the heart-pounding, doom-riddled science.  As a science communicator, she's creative and passionate about this glorious universe around us.

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Stephen says it took him about 40 years to decide what he wanted to be. He was a subcontractor for Southern California Edison, in construction, specialized in wooden boat construction for museums, worked in restaurants. Most of that was geared around engineering.  That is what prepared him to teach The Maker Class.

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Kasey graduated from Binghamton University in the spring of 2017 with a B.S. in Integrative Neuroscience.  She served as an undergraduate research assistant in a neurophysiology lab where she gained experience handling rats and performing stereotaxic surgery for the purposes of electrode implantation necessary for chronic studies of the taste system. She also served as a student lab assistant at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia over college breaks, for Dr. Beverly Davidson lab, that focuses on genetic therapeutics for neuromuscular diseases such as Huntington's disease.  She intends to pursue her PhD in biomedical research and further study neurodegenerative diseases.

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The greatness that INspired Leadership recognizes can’t be achieved. You can’t earn it. It cannot be bought. It cannot be found “out there” somewhere. This greatness needs to only be discovered, uncovered, and unveiled – because it has always been inside you. Explore nine insights to help magnify your greatness and evolve into the greatest version of yourself.

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On this episode host, Chris Woods guests are Adam Chamberlin and Sveti Matejic authors of the book Quit Point: Understanding Apathy, Engagement, and Motivation in the CLassroom.  We are full-time teachers who practice our teaching strategies on a daily basis.  Our classrooms have become a lab to study student Quit Point and practice strategies that empower students by stressing collaboration, communication, critical thinking, and creativity.  

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Sara is the Founder + CEO of Super Cool Scientists, LLC, an organization working to promote inclusion in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). Through story and coloring books spotlighting women in STEM careers, Sara is changing the narrative for what scientists actually look like and what their day-to-day work includes.

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KEVA planks are changing the lives of children and adults all over the world. Children discover the joy of creating original works of art or cleverly designed contraptions.  Creativity brings joy into the lives of humans which is why the arts are so important.

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Jason Hubbard is a STEM Educator at Hull Prairie Intermediate in Perrysburg, Ohio.  Listening to Jason talk STEM is a passion, not just a way to educate.

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Jason Hubbard is a 5th/6th grade STEM Educator at Hull Prairie Intermediate in Perrysburg, Ohio.    

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Rachael Mann is the founder of #TeachlikeTED and coauthor of The Martians in Your Classroom. She speaks and writes about the future of education and helps educators rethink the learning spaces of today. Prior to #TeachlikeTED, Rachael was the Network to Transform Teaching and STEM Professional Learning Director for Northern Arizona University’s AZK12 Center and State Director for Educators Rising Arizona. A former high school Career and Technical Education teacher and hailing from a family of educators, she has 14 years of classroom teaching experience. Rachael is a Google Certified Educator with a master’s degree in Educational Leadership. She is a founding member of the Council on the Future of Education and serves on the NCLA Executive Board.

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Brian Keating is a professor of physics at the Center for Astrophysics & Space Sciences (CASS) in the Department of Physics at the University of California, San Diego.  He is a public speaker, inventor, and an expert in the study of the universe’s oldest light, the cosmic microwave background (CMB), using it to learn about the origin and evolution of the universe.

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Valerie is a 3rd-grade STEAM teacher at Browning Road Elementary School in McFarland, CA.  

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Meghan Cannon-Johann has been an educator for 14 years. She describes herself as teaching explorers, innovators, and problem solvers. For the past 3 years, she has run a successful BYOChromebook program with 2nd graders and is a Google Certified Educator.

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Jacie Maslyk is author of the book STEAM Makers. She is Asst. Superintendent in the Hopewell Area School District. Today host Chris Woods and Jacie share and chat about their passion for STEM/STEAM on Ep. 104 of the STEM Everyday podcast.

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The future of hand raising is here!  Join host Chris Woods as he welcomes Co-Creator of ClassroomQ to the show.  The creators of ClassroomQ had a mission, to create a classroom in which students can easily ask for help without stifling the flow of a lesson.  

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STEM and ancient Rome, have you ever thought about it?  If you take a look you see that yes there is STEM all over in ancient Rome.  Join host Chris Woods and his guest Latin and Roman Technologies Teacher Nathalie Roy as they explore the STEM in ancient Rome.

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Chris Aviles is the 21st Century Skills, Technology, and Innovation Coordinator for the Fair Haven school district in Fair Haven, New Jersey where he runs the renown Fair Haven Innovates program he created in 2015.

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Catherine Granton is Assistant Director of Education & Education Coordinator for Gotham Whale.  Gotham Whale is a source of education, advocacy, and science for the inhabitants of New York, terrestrial and marine.  We contribute to the improving health of New York’s marine environment, for the betterment of both humans and whales.

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Ekuwah Moses is a coordinator at FACES (Family and Community Engagement Services) in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

Faces vision: all schools, families, and communities will be partners in education ensuring success for all children. 

Their mission: Together as partners in supporting all children’s academic, social, and emotional growth, we communicate, nurture trust, and advocate for all families and communities.

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The Library Corporation has operated continuously and under the same ownership since 1974, providing services to more than 4,500 libraries worldwide. TLC’s automation and cataloging products include Library•Solution, CARLX, eBiblioFile, ITSMARC, and RDAExpress — all backed by unparalleled customer support. Additionally, TLC is the library marketplace’s exclusive distributor of the SocialFlow social media management service. Libraries that rely on TLC for enhanced staff and patron services include Los Angeles Public Library in California, Dallas Independent School District in Texas, Wellington City Libraries in New Zealand, and the Hawaii State Department of Education.

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Mark Behnke joins Chris for episode #97 of the STEM Everyday podcast.  Mark is a teacher at Hamilton High School in Michigan.  A couple years ago he pitched an idea for a sports journalism class thinking why not create a small scale ESPN.  They tried it for one trimester and now it runs all year.   

CHS logo 

Cover Hawkeye Sports Website

Cover Hawkeye Sports Twitter   

Cover Hawkeye Sports Instagram

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Today's guest is Abigail Edgecliffe-Johnson founder of Raceya. What is Raceya? It's a car. It's a community. It's a Vehicle for STEM! Their fun, fast, customizable cars teach kids about science and engineering - sparking their curiosity, creativity and even a little friendly competition.

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On episode #95, host Chris Woods welcomes Cesar Martins from MakePi to the show.  Based on maker concept, we introduce MakePad, the first tablet that children can build with their own hands.  Now kids can easily learn how to code, create digital music, develop games, and more.  MakePi helps prepare kids for a creative future in technology by offering the MakePad!

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On episode #94, host Chris Woods chats with Lois Melbourne. As an entrepreneur, and former talent management software CEO, Lois has seen and experienced the benefits of truly enjoying the work one has in one’s career. By spending a career connecting with people, mentoring, traveling, selling, marketing and helping with the design of software, she loved what she did.  Lois knew the value of connecting your interests into your job.   

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Host Chris Woods welcomes animator Bill Matheny to the show. Maybe an unconventional guest at first glance but Chris and Bill have a great discussion about Woodsy the Owl and some favorites that bring back some childhood memories.

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Mary and Julie are educators in Saline, Michigan.

Mary Ledford is an Apple Teacher, Lv1 Google Educator, Nominee for ISTE's Outstanding Teacher, Passionate about tech integration, empowering students & a great pair of shoes

Julie Smith is K-5 Ed Tech Consultant, Certified Reading Specialist, National Board Certified Teacher, Author of the blog: The Techie Teacher®

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Nancy Penchev is the Media and Instructional Technology Coordinator at Scheck Hillel Community School in North Miami Beach, FL. She has 18 years classroom experience in grades K-5. She shares with Chris stories of her Ilab (Innovate, Investigate, Iterate) and her success stories of taking her students to conferences to lead presentations.

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On today's show; host Chris Woods welcome Samantha du Preez from EVERFI. EVERFI is the leading education technology company that provides scalable digital real-world education for millions of students of all ages.

Samantha du Preez
Sr. Schools Manager

Chris Woods
HS Math Teacher
Education Presenter

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It's a special episode as host Chris Woods joins forces with the host of the STEAM up the classroom podcast Tori Cameron for this dual podcast.  Tori and Chris interview each other for this extended episode.  It's STEM Everyday/STEAM up the classroom. 

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Join host Chris Woods for the second part of his interview with Tamara Robertson.

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Chris welcomes Tamara Robertson to this two-part episode of the STEM Everyday podcast. Tamara is Co-Host of Scijinks on Discovery/Science, guest host Mythbusters, finalist Mythbusters Search, she attended NC State, and just an awesome person to talk with.

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Host Chris Woods welcomes Amine Lajmi and Jabier Martinez from Coding Park. Coding Park by PlugBee is an interactive e-learning platform that helps kids learn computational thinking while playing games.

Amine Lajmi PhD - Amine is a computer scientist, expert in language engineering and software architectures. He has more than ten years of experience in various industries, including oil & gas, automotive, aerospace, and defense. He contributes to several open-source projects and speaks regularly in conferences. Amine is responsible of all Coding Park’s game engines.

Jabier Martinez PhD - Jabier is a researcher in software engineering and holds a post-doc position at Sorbonne University and Pierre & Marice Curie University. His research interests include variability management, software product line engineering, mining existing assets, and reverse engineering. Jabier is responsible of the game and the Play language design.

Connect with Coding Park                Website:  Twitter:

Connect with Chris Woods      Twitter:

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It's a first for the STEM Everyday podcast, host Chris Woods welcomes children's author Andrea Beaty to the show.

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Host Chris Woods chats with Scott Donnelly from Pittsburgh.  Topics include Space, combining Social Studies and STEM, lesson plans around the upcoming 2018 winter Olympics, and Elon Musk's name comes up.

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Brittany Ballou, S.T.E.A.M. Resource Teacher from Grange Hall Elementary in the Chesterfield County Public Schools in Virginia, is host Chris Woods guest on this episode of the STEM Everyday podcast.

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Today Chris welcomes Kory Tellers, Elementary innovations Teacher from SE Minnesota.

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Chris welcomes Jodie Lang to the show. She was the 2012 Ontario Elementary Teacher of the Year. Today Jodie teaches second grade but has taught kindergarten, third, fourth, and fifth grades as well.

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It's #80 for Chris Woods and the STEM Everyday podcast.  On this episode Chris welcomes the 2017 Geek of the Year and special host for Chris Marion Leary to the show

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On this episode, Glenn gives his 5 favorite (for this week) online places to grab social studies digital online content.

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Projects, everyone loves having students work on a project in class. They can use glue sticks, scissors, poster boards, and have a lot of fun doing it. But projects aren't just fun. They aren't just something to show off at parents night. In this episode, Chris thinks about what is the real purpose of projects in a classroom.

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Glenn shares 3 tools to help you create social media posts.

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On today's show host, Glenn Wiebe shares how Twitter Chats can help you with your ongoing professional learning.

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Host Chris Woods chats with Lea Melchoir from Goldenrod.  Goldenrod brings educational technology to life in 3 dimensions.  The company's flagship offering is YouthTouch, a complete system of hands-on technology integration, for learners in Grades 3-8.

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What is Civic Engagement?  Can you define it?  How do you teach it?  On this episode of the History Tech podcast host, Glenn Wiebe discusses these topics and gives some helpful tools to use in the classroom.

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Host Chris Woods interviews Instructional Technology Coach and Sports Analytics Director for the Atlanta Blaze Jesse McNulty.  

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Today on the PracticingPBL podcast we get a different point of view about PBL.  Caylie Ratzlaff was a student of Gingers.  She is presently attending Emporia State University and pursuing a dual major in Secondary Education: Social Sciences and English.  Listen in as Caylie and Ginger talk about projects and PBL between teacher and student.

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Today on the STEM Everyday podcast we go back to STEM Everyday #3 which originally aired July 23, 2014.  In this episode host Chris Woods shares ideas on how to grow a STEM culture through sharing ideas and collaborating with other teachers in your school.

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Sometimes our first projects aren't as good as we think they are, as Rachel Meenen shares with us in today's podcast. She tells us about her journey into PBL and, as she shares her project ideas, how she improved with more experiences. She also tells a story about a student whose strengths were finally recognized and appreciated by her peers...a story that leaves us both in tears.

Rachel Meenen is an elementary teacher at Colwich Elementary School in Kansas. She is also a STEAMmaker Camp Trainer and can be reached on Facebook or on Twitter at @meenenrachel. 

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It is number 75 here for the STEM Everyday podcast and we are excited to have Judy Zimny with us.  Judy is Vice President for National Institute for STEM Education.  This position is focused on working collaboratively with others to increase the number and diversity of young adults capable of - and interested in - pursuing STEM or STEM related careers.

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You know you've done it.  Totally over thought a something only to realize the answer was so simple.   In this episode of STEM Everyday host, Chris Woods shares one of those stories from a friend of his.   

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Today, we get to talk with Martie Hoofer about the realities of making PBL/Genius Hour work for her students while still meeting the strict scope and sequence expectations of her district.  She has learned to dance inside of her straight jacket so her kids will win.

She gives credit to her principal for permission to try something different and credit to her co-facilitator, Kelly Looper, the school media specialist for partnering with ideas, resources, and co-teaching.

Martie a 7th grade Reading and Writing Teacher at Guion Creek Middle School in Pike Township, near Indianapolis, Indiana.  She is a self-taught Project/Problem-Based Learning facilitator who runs her PBL through a Genius Hour format, which means that one day a week in her writing classes, students get to discover their passions in learning.

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Host Chris Woods welcomes Mark French, Principal at Gatewood Elementary in the Hopkins Public Schools in Minnesota, to the show.  Principal French is enhancing his knowledge and skill in using technology to increase teachers’ confidence, student learning, and communication. Out of school he enjoys cooking on weekends, traveling, and reading.

You can also follow Mark on Twitter @PrincipalFrench.


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Jayne Diaz shares her journey as an instructional leader in a widely diverse school district, helping teachers realize that stepping out of the structured and routine to try PBL is a move they're able to take. She shares both successes and mis-steps (and plans for correcting her route) with learning by doing, whether that be with makerspaces or Project/Problem/Passion Based Learning.

Jayne is a former district-level instructional coach for Dodge City Public Schools and currently works as Assistant Principal at Ross Elementary School in Dodge City, Kansas. Go Rhinos! (rawr!)

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In this episode of the STEM Everyday podcast host, Chris Woods discusses how a simple thing like camping can add so much to a child's summer building relationships, leaving the distraction of social media and video games at home, and finding STEM in nature.

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Chris talks about those connections in life that makes things special.  For Chris one of his connections is his birthday, it was on the seventh anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing. 

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Today, we're joined by 3 educators who have been practicing PBL for many years (remember, this isn't new, folks).  Monika King is the Principal, Steve Murdie is a Physics teacher, and Todd Miller is a Biology and A&P teacher at Maur Hill-Mount Academy, a college-prep international boarding school in Atchison, Kansas.  Teachers at MH-MA are acutely attuned to what colleges of all types are wanting from high school graduates.  Facing a real shift in expectations, they have been shifting what college-prep means for their students.  They are working with Flex-Mod Scheduling ( to better prepare students for beyond-graduation college life.  They each share successes and challenges for themselves and their students and as Steve and Todd head back to class, Monika shares how she, as an administrator, has been able to move parent expectations beyond prepping for the ACT/SAT tests.

 Connect with Monika on Twitter: @ksedleader

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Amy Storer is a curriculum coach in Montgomery ISD outside of Houston, Texas. In today's podcast, Amy shares
several stories about how she started practicing PBL -- or at least she thought she was, but on reflection, it was still
just a 'project.' She then talks about several successful and exciting examples. The overarching theme we keep
hearing from Amy is how she's a constant learner, reaching out to experts (she shares a piece of GOLD about local
experts and distant experts), colleagues, and uses social media to broaden her own expertise in teaching and learning
Follow Amy's ups and downs on her blog, Converse in the Classroom,
where she regularly shares what she and her colleagues are doing, learning, and loving. It's a must-read!

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Proud Principal at Gatewook Elementary in Hopkins School District in St. Paul Minnesota.  Interests are traveling, cooking, & learning new things! 

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Christine’s work focuses on one key question: How can the teaching of engineering and science change so that it benefits and includes diverse populations?  Before launching EiE in 2003, she was director of engineering education research at Tufts University; she also directed the first national longitudinal study of the factors that help women persist in college engineering majors.  Her work has been honored with numerous awards, including an Outstanding Leadership Award from the American Society for Engineering Education.  Christine holds joint bachelor's and master's degrees in biology from Yale University and a Ph.D. in science education from Cornell University.

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Listen in as Jennifer tells us about her highly diverse, Title 1 classroom and the PBL that her students are doing.  She reflects on PBL in the elementary classroom, and the balance of direct instruction with PBL, specifically.  And she reveals she does NO direct instruction for her reading classes and yet her kids have made phenomenal growth this year.  

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Today, we're talking with longtime friend, Cindy Sheets, a retired gifted ed teacher who taught K-6 students. Cindy shares 4 stories about "those kids," learners in all our classrooms who are sometimes difficult to engage in deeper learning. One student is a "feed me Seymour" girl who always wants to be reassured that she's on the right path. Another story is about a group of boys who are a bit lackadaisical and spend more time making excuses to get out of work than they do actually working. The third story is about a boy who struggled socially, who didn't have friends, and who no one in the class thought would be able to create a joyful masterpiece of learning -- that topped everyone else! The final story is about Cindy herself, and how one student helped her to pause and "listen longer" or not shut down a student's "silly" idea before it had a chance to fully bloom.

We all have these learners in their room. Come take a listen to see how these kids were impacted by Project Based


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It is that time of year school kids dream about, SUMMER BREAK!  Host Chris Woods gives some fun STEM ideas for the summer to keep kids mind in the swing of things. 

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In this episode of the STEM Everyday Podcast we took four short takes from Chris's library to create this one episode of fun things to do in the classroom.

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Chris interviews Tony Tatangelo from Iron Mountain Michigan.  Tony is adding things usually reserved for middle to high school activities to his kindergarten class. 

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Chris talks with Daniel Mares.  Daniel is currently and Instructional Technology Coordinator and a Social Studies teacher in a K-12 school district.  Daniel has a wide ranging experience using and implementing technology into his lessons.  

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Ginger is back telling the success stories of PBL being used in the classroom.  Her guest today is Ginny Ogden.  Ginny is a foreign language teacher at Jefferson Forrest High School in Lynchburg, Virginia.  They talk about an exciting new opportunity Ginny in the school.  She is on a pilot team using a flexible schedule and more PBL to change the way students learn.

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NASA, green screens, overhead projectors, super heroes, Latin, jumbotrons, The Walking Dead, Hollywood Georgia?...could Chris and Mary Ann Rogers Lamberth from the STEM Academy in Savannah Georgia add anything else into their chat this week on the STEM Everyday podcast.   

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Chris shares thought of using calculators in the classroom along with calculator apps. 

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